Welcome to your new
Pole Family!

Learn more about what we do

Welcome to your new
Pole Family

We are so excited to have you as a new member. 

The next few months are going to be full or excitement, challenges, growth, setbacks, and ultimately celebration. Pole is going to push you in ways you never thought possible but it is through this push that you are going to realize your true potential.

Be patient with yourself and patient with the process. Everyone progresses at different rates. But everyone does progress and so will you if you just keep coming and keep believing.

To help make your introduction into the studio as smooth as possible, here are a few things to know and do:

To do:


Download the TPF App

We have our own branded app for both apple and android. Download the “Tucson Pole Fitness” app for the easiest way to sign up for classes.


Sign up for your classes

Take a Pole 101 class first. If you’ve already done that, you can sign up for any level 1 or all level class. We suggest signing up for a week at a time at least. If a class is full,  don’t be afraid to go on the waitlist. Most people on the waitlist usually get in. If for some reason you can’t make it to a class that you signed up for, make sure to cancel at least 12 hours in advance or you will get charged a $10 fee.


Purchase your pole gear

We suggest Amazon. Check out these brands:

-Pleasers for high heels
-Dry Hands for liquid chalk grip
-Mighty Grip for knee pads
-Grata Designs, Dragon Fly, Cleo for pole clothes


Connect with us on social

You’ll want to be connected to be a part of the community, join free challenges and be the first to know about what’s going on.


Start a pole dedicated Instagram or TikTok account

Separate from your personal social media accounts, you are going to want an account dedicated just to pole. This will become your personal pole video journal where you can document your growth and see how far you’ve come. Start this right away and start posting right away. You choose if you want it public or private. But don’t forget to tag us at @tucsonpole 

A few more tips

Drink water

Lots! Drinking extra water will help replenish your body and make you less sore. 


Get extra sleep and take rest days when you are training. Your muscles are built while you sleep and rest so don’t skip this!

Take a bath

Soaking in warm water will help your sore muscles, tired joints, and is good for relaxation too!

Get a buddy

Find an accountability buddy to keep you motivated on your journey. 

Sending you so much love!
From your new pole mama- Katrina