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You've fallen in love with pole and can't wait to tell all your friends about it. Now there's something to sweeten the deal.

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Here's how to qualify:
1-Sign up for the program through the link below.
2- Follow the steps to share your unique referral code with your friends. They'll get our lowest available price when they sign up through your link. Once one of your friends has purchased a VIP membership,  you'll receive an email stating your reward.
3- Send us a screen shot of your reward email to 520-216-7651. After your friend has attend class and passed the trial period,  we will apply your reward toward your next autopay on your VIP membership.


Some terms and conditions:
-Rewards may not be shared, cashed in for cash, or applied towards inactive accounts. 
-If the person your referring cancels their first week, you will not receive your reward.
Thanks for understanding. 

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