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Unleash your sexy

Are you ready to unleash your sexy? 

Tucson Pole Fitness is for you!

You may be wondering, what is pole fitness? You’ve probably heard about pole from a friend or seen it on TV but you’re still not quite sure what it’s all about. So, let’s talk about it.

Pole Fitness Is:
*an amazing total body workout
*an activity ANYONE can do at any fitness level
*for every age- you’re never too old or too young for pole
*a community of amazing humans really addicting- you’re going to love it really, really freaking fun!!!!

Pole Fitness is NOT
*just for people with “upper body strength”
*stripper school (although we love our working sisters and appreciate a good strip tease ourselves)
*a place where people are judged only for people who are “skinny”

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Now you may be wondering


You're a great fit for our program if:

*You are looking for a workout that will challenge you and give you real, lasting results

*You’re easily bored with treadmills or the gym

*You want to feel sexy NOW.

*You need to find that spark inside of you that will reignite your passion for life

*You want to be a part of a community that will support you when you come to work out

*You have a body. Yep- pretty simple- it’s doesn’t matter if you’re strong, skinny, tall, athletic, young, or old. Only prerequisite is you are alive and allowed to work out


Pole Fitness is fun and affordable 

Single Class


Drop in class

Taster Membership


4 pole classes per month
Recurring payment
No contract

Basic Membership


8 pole classes per month
Recurring payment 
No contract

Monthly VIP Membership


Unlimited classes
Recurring payment
No contract

6 Month VIP


Unlimited classes
Recurring payment
6 month contract

12 Month VIP


Unlimited classes
Recurring payment
12 month contract

But your first class is complimentary!

We get it. This is something new and you want to try it first


Pole fitness is fun and affordable

Month to Month VIP $199/m

If you *think* this might be something you will love, we suggest you take the plunge and get the membership- even for brand new members.  Actually, especially for brand new members.

Something magical happens when you get a  membership. It's like you're making a great big promise to yourself that everything is about to get way more awesome! (But don't worry- you can still cancel at anytime if you change your mind!!!)

Memberships are currently on sale for just $199/month. (Regularly $250!!!)  But these prices won't last. With this membership you can take whatever pole classes you would like. And there are no contracts. So you can cancel online anytime!

And!!!!- We have a happiness guarantee on memberships. That's right. If at your first class you aren't happy, just ask for you money back. No questions asked. 

Get the VIP membership

6 Month VIP Membership: $179/mo

You're obsessed with all things pole and just can't get enough. Grab this membership and lock in a sweet deal. Six month recurring VIP membership for only $179/month.

Get the 6 Month VIP Membership

12 Month VIP Membership: $159/mo

Pole is your soul mate. Get the best price on unlimited classes when you exchange this vow to honor your commitment to yourself, your health, and your happiness. $159/month for 12 months.

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What classes can you take at Tucson Pole?

There are so many options!!! You are going to love it. 

Pole 101

This class is for pole newbies. You'll be welcomed by an energetic, knowledgeable, and kind instructor who will walk you through the basics from the very beginning. This class explores all sides of pole, including the sport, fitness, and sexy sides of pole. High heels are optional.

Leveled Pole Classes

Tricks, Spins, Transitions and More. We offer pole levels 1-10. In each class you will receive a skill card with required moves to master before moving to the next level. 

Choreography Classes

Get your sexy on! Learn to slink, body roll, and own the dancefloor. We have several types of choreography classes including:
*Flirty Fitness: (pole dance meets zumba. Get ready to sweat to these easy to follow cardio classes.
*Pole Dance in heels: progressive choreography you can master from week to week
*Pole Choreography: Learn dances to put all your moves together on the pole

Off-the-Pole classes

TWERK IT OUT!!!! You can take several classes that will teach you how to shake what your mama gave you including:
*Twerk Classes
*Lap Dance
*Chair Dance

Come try it!


Right now our memberships are on sale! Regular price is $250/month but right now you can grab a membership for just $199. No contracts. No worries. We even have a happiness guarantee. So if you get the membership and you don't completely love your first class, you can ask for you money back no questions asked. Just let us know before you leave the building.

Grab a membership and come on in. You've literally got nothing to lose and a whole new adventure to gain!

Get your membership here

So you know you want to join us. Now what?

Follow these three steps


Grab your membership

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Sign up for a Pole 101 class

Currently we are offering Pole 101:
Oro Valley location: Thursdays at 5:45 PM
Midtown location: Fridays at 7:15 PM.
Can't make it, give us a call. We can help you find a class to work with your schedule. 


Come to class and fall in love with this amazing new passion

We guarantee you are going to love it. 

What can pole fitness do for you?

Provide a Safe Haven

It's your happy place

It starts with coming to class. You will be welcomed and invited into a community that is kind, non-judgmental, and very supportive. Got cellulite? No big deal. Everyone does! Never danced before? That's fine. A dance background isn't necessary. No upper body strength? That's normal when you start. You'll develop some through the program. Feeling shy or nervous? That's okay. You can control what you participate in. Afraid you'll be judged because you're living your best life? No way! We welcome all to come and enjoy the benefits of this amazing program

Realize Your Strength

You're stronger than you think!

At first it may seem difficult, but with consistency, your body will very soon build the strength to do things you never thought were possible: climb a pole, go upside down, and seemingly float through the air. You will notice muscles you never knew were there. You will be sore. You will become stronger, more flexible and feel totally empowered. You will become addicted to the feeling of trying and mastering new pole moves. YOU. WILL. LOVE. IT.

Unleash Your Sexy

Let it loose

Perhaps it has been a long time since you felt beautiful or comfortable in your own skin. Perhaps you long to let loose, dance it out, and claim all the benefits of owning your own prowess. Pole fitness will allow you to explore and embrace your sexy side. And once you discover it (or rediscover it), this sexy side of you will be something you will value so dearly.

Build your self-confidence

Own your power

As your body changes with pole fitness, so will your state of mind. You will realize you are worth so much more than a number on the scale or how someone else perceives you. You will learn to love the person you see in the mirror and not just because of her smokin' hot pole bod. You will love her for all that she has been through, all that she has experienced, all the times she has persevered despite great obstacles, and for the person you know she can and will become. You will learn to truly believe in yourself.

Become Unstoppable

See how far you can go!

Your victories on the pole will empower you to achieve victories in your everyday life. This new empowerment may lead you to:
*Leave a dead end job for a career in your passion *Escape a toxic relationship in pursuit of true happiness
*Stand up for a cause you truly believe in when others remain silent
*Put yourself first for this first time in a long time
*Find room in your heart to move on and love those around you
*Make friends with people who build you up instead of tear you down
*Finally look in the mirror and love yourself for who you are

Take a peek inside!

Join us for a pole fitness class!

Curious about our schedule?

We have classes six days a week. So there is sure to be something that fits your busy life. 

See the schedule 

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear to class?

Wear short shorts, a tank top, and a sports bra. Don't wear any jewelry or lotion. 
High heels are permitted in some classes. You can wear them if you would like. 

Do I need to lose weight to do pole fitness?

Nope! Pole is for every shape. There is not a weight limit on the poles so come on down!

Do I need to bring anything?

Just a water bottle.

Are men allowed to take class?


I'm nervous! What should I expect?

Expect to be welcomed by a kind and caring instructor and a warm, non-judgemental community! You are going to have a blast.

Do I need upper body strength?

NO! At least not to take your first class. We can't tell you how many times we have heard someone say, "well I could never do pole. I don't have any upper body strength." You come to class to gain strength. So don't worry if you "don't have any" ... yet. 

Where are you located?

We have (soon to be) three locations:
1- Tucson Pole Oro Valley (formerly Centre Stage Pole Fitness). 1335 W. Lambert Lane
2- Tucson Pole Online- We have a thriving community of pole dancers taking classes through zoom.
3-Tucson Pole Midtown- this location is being built

How do I sign up for classes

First purchase your membership by clicking any of the yellow buttons on this page. Then you can download the Tucson Pole Fitness app and sign in for your classes there.

I can only come a few times a month. Is the membership worth it?

Absolutely. Many pole studios charge upwards of $45 per class. So even if you are only coming to class a few times a month, you are getting great value for your membership. 

What if I need to cancel?

No problem.  You can cancel your membership anytime online. No worries. Only happy poling. 

Meet your new best friends!

Seriously! We love our students and our pole family are our BFFs. 

This awesome team of talented human beings will make your feel safe, comfortable, and loved!

Katrina Wyckoff

The visionary and magic maker

I am a world-renowned athlete, judge, and studio owner. I hold many titles including National Champion Pole Dancer (and I'm a mom to 7 kids!)
I'm the CEO of this BadA$$$ company and run three locations. I'm also the president of the US Pole Sports Federation- recognized by the USA Sports Council as the governing body of Pole Fitness. 
It is my mission to create a space for you to become all that you can be through the empowerment of pole fitness. Step into my studios and be prepared to wow yourself!

Bree McClanahan

Pole Teacher, USPSF Judge, World Class Athlete

I've got the experience and training to take you to the next level. Whether your goals are to compete internationally or just rock your home pole, I'm your girl.  


Pole Teacher, Spin Doctor

I'm a real life MD by day and I bring the fever by night. I'll show you you to really turn up the heat. 

Marta Dee

Pole Teacher, Sultry Vixen, Studio Manager 

I might be goth but I'm as sweet as can be.  And my super smooth pole moves with leave you melting like butter.  

Melissa Torrecillas

Pole Teacher, Trixter 

When it comes to the pole, there isn't anything I can't do. And that includes teaching you too! I can't wait to help you achieve all your pole dreams.  

Lou Durant

Pole Teacher, Hot Mama

I've got three boys, a full time job, and still find time to pursue my passions. Come pole dance with me and I know we will be best friends. 

We Can't Wait to Meet YOU!

What's your story? We want to know!

One of the greatest things about pole fitness is the community and, since you are here, we think you'll make a great fit.

We are a group of passionate women (and men) who are working hard to get in shape, feel great, and support each other. We promise that you will be loved and cared for. That's the Tucson Pole Way. 

We would really love for you to join us. We want you to be part of our pole family!

So don't delay any longer. Click the yellow button and join us. You will be so glad you did. 

Join Now

As a celebration of our rebranding , we are selling memberships at our intro price of $199/month.

This offer is only good until the end of the month.

The price is going back up to $250 after that. 

How does it work?
Follow the link to get your membership.
Each month you will just be billed $199.
And you can come to as many classes as you want!!!!
Twerk, pole, flirty fitness! So many fun classes to choose from.
Plus there are no contracts. So you can cancel anytime.

In addition, VIP members will get the following:
*Free "POLE DANCER" t-shirt
*Locked in $199/month membership price (you're price won't go up!)
*Discounts on workshops

What else do you get?
*an amazing workout you will love
*new friends
*new found strength
*overflowing self-confidence

What about the pandemic?
We have gone above and beyond with our safety standards. Rest assured you'll be in good hands.

Happiness guarantee: We have a 100% happiness guarantee. So if you sign up for the VIP membership and then decide pole fitness isn't for you, you can cancel and we will refund your money. You just have to let us know AT YOUR FIRST CLASS (before you leave the building at your first class). No worries! No risk!

Click the link now to be one of our VIP members!!!


What our clients write about us

One thing is for certain is our clients aren't just clients, they become our family. 

Pole Fitness has changed my life. I was looking for something to help me get in shape and not only did I find that, but I found a new passion. I'm obsessed. 

The teachers are FAB! The place is clean, the music is rocking, the heels are high, and the dreams are real. Keep up the good work, TPF. 

Always a wonderful experience with Marta! I love this place so much. It's my therapy!

Lou is amazing. I appreciate her instruction and how she offers modifications for more complex songs. :)

I love all the classes. I love how Bree teaches and breaks down everything for us!!

This class is exactly what I needed in my weekly routine. 

I always have an amazing time. Amazing workout. I want to keep going no matter how tired I am. It is so much fun. Thank you! P.S. The outfits are amazingggggg.

Love this place and the teachers. Bree is encouraging to all her students.

What a great place.  Thank you to Marta for her boost of confidence and sore arms. Your level of professionalism, skill and humor, created a safe atmosphere that allowed all in attendance to be unapologetically themselves.