Special Events

Ready to try pole fitness but want to check it out first? Join us from your home for a special online event.

Hey loves- I’m working on something super special for you.

It’s something I feel our society desperately needs right now- more than ever. As this new year begins, there is so much pressure to do better and be better and honestly there are parts to that that are awesome and other parts that are oh so toxic!!!

Through the years in this industry I have seen it all: People with zero self confidence and severe body dysmorphia, people who live their lives in complete distress over their diets and then punishing themselves with unhealthy workouts, people who are missing out on the beauty of life because they can’t see the beauty that is inside of them. 
And, I’ve struggled with these things myself to the point that it nearly took my life. But I have done intense work on myself and been on a fifteen year long journey of healing, growing and improving.

I’ve learned that it is possible to use the power of my mind to change how I think and change how I feel. This in turn changes my actions and helps me to achieve true body love.

But it gets better- changing the way you think doesn’t just make it so that you’re “okay with your body” it actually helps you to step into the best shape and best health possible. So  I am bringing to you a free movement and mindset workshop to help you manifest your perfect body through true body love.

Join us Jan 11-15. Click the link above to register.