Hello Party Guests,

We can't wait to have you come and party with us!!!
Here is some important info. Please read carefully so you are ready for your party.

Sending much love and can't wait to meet you!

Your Vertica Fitness Staff


What to wear/bring

Please wear SHORT spandex shorts. The pole works with pole to skin contact so you will have a harder time spinning if you are in pants or capris. Tank tops and sports bras are suggested. Please no lotion or jewelry on your body. Also, please bring a water bottle.  

High heels are optional 

You and your guests may wear heels if you would like. Ones with ankle straps work best. 

Check the address listed on this website.

Don't rely on internet searches for the location. Please check the address listed on this page when programming your gps. If your party arrives late, we cannot provide extra time. 

Everyone must be sober.

We know it's a party but please, for your safety, all participants must be sober. 

Everyone loves tips

Tipping is not required but if your instructor did a fabulous job,  feel free to send some cash love their way. 

Sign the waiver online

Download the Vertica Fitness App from the App Store. Create an account and sign the waiver before you come to class.  

Come ready to have fun

We can't wait to party with you. We will do everything we can to help you feel comfortable and pampered during your special event. We invite you to "let your hair down" and enjoy the experience. 

Our gift to you

If you fall in love with pole fitness at your party and decide this is the life for you, we have an even sweet deal! Sign up for an unlimited VIP member and your first month will be free! Your instructor will have all the details on that so don't forget to ask. 


What our customers write about us

Check out what our guests have to say about partying with Vertica

This party was exactly what we were looking for. The teacher made us feel right at home and we had so much fun. I literally haven't laughed this hard in a long time. 

Lorena W

Vertica goes above and beyond to take care of their clients. We felt like real VIP's. Our bride was so happy with the party and it was really great to have a night out with our friends. 

Emma B.